The vitality of the Warm-Up


A good warm-up is before acting is imperative to get the most out of your work. Think of your body, mind, soul and voice as your tools, they need to be sharpened, tuned, ready to performed at their best. Well conditioned and uncluttered.

Try to spend at least 10 minutes warming up before working. I have created this tool for you.

The Ultimate Actor's Warm-up will relax, condition and energise your body, mind and soul. It will enhance your creativity and awaken your senses. 

After completing this warm- up, you will find yourself feeling vibrant with new energy, ready to take on the next part of your day, a rehearsal, an audition, an acting class, film shot or a performance. You will be like an inspired artist equipped with paint, brushes and looking at a fresh canvas, ready to create. Perfect to start Mastering your Monologues.

Most exercises in this manual are to be performed for 1-3 minutes each. Some require up to 7 minutes.

The Ultimate Actor's Warm Up includes Meditation, visualisations, voice and vocal conditioning, physical warm-up, stretching, fitness, concentration and character in-depth approach, method acting preparation.

The Ultimate Actor's Warm-Up pdf..pdf