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Character Prepping Advanced Acting Class

We offer you a highly effective service for Actors preparing for important roles, before and during production where we ensure that we provide you with all the tools, support and guidance to get the best out of your acting experience while leading you on to mastering your craft and commanding your skills and abilities and upping your game as an actor.

Acting Career 1 on 1 Coaching

We help you create your Step by Step road map to acting career success. Start walking towards achieving your goals today.

I help you create our Step by Step road map to acting career success. Start walking towards achieving your goals today.

Method Acting Online Training

Intensive Laser Focused Method Acting Technique training. Lear to dive to the core of any character and make your performances memorable and breath taking.

Audition Coaching Online

Let us help you prepare for you audition to maximise your success potential.

Join us in our In- Person Course

The Short

Intensive Method Acting within a Short Film Production Environment. Add this course to your showreel by the end of the course you will have a short film under your belt and a festival tour in the works

The Ultimate Actors Warm up

The Ultimate Actor's Warm-Up

Be Character Ready in 17 Minutes or less

You are about to start performing and you know you have the Exact Right Balance between vocal, physical and mental preparation. You are about to enter an audition and you are feeling as always. Fit and Sharp.

The PERFECT WARM-UP that gives you UNSHAKABLE. CONFIDENCE. Preparation is KEY To Your SUCCESS in Acting Do you want a simple yet thorough and complete, to the point a SHORT and POWERFUL set of exercises To get you in TOP FORM to Perform? GET it Now FREE

What are the 20 Questions a Casting Director will ask you?

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

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