Advanced Acting Training

"It takes 10 years to make an Actor"

Jack Nicholson

Advanced Acting Training

Achieve Mastery

"It takes 10 years to make an Actor"

Jack Nicholson

Achieve Mastery with Our Advance Acting Training Resources

Character Prepping Advanced Acting Class

We offer you a highly effective service for Actors preparing for important roles, before and during production where we ensure that we provide you with all the tools, support and guidance to get the best out of your acting experience while leading you on to master your role. Learn all the hidden ‘truths’ about your character. Dive deep into your role’s psyche. Learn to make any role naturally blend in with your uniqueness. We are proud to have amongst our clients/students some of the finest up and coming talent in the UK and International raising starts. 

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Acting Career 1 on 1 Coaching

We help you create our Step by Step road map to acting career success. Start walking towards achieving your goals today.

1-2-1 Online Coaching or In-Person Acting Career Coaching. Is a success path mapping out process solely focused on getting you on the right track to achieve your dreams as an Actor.

We give you the guidance you need to harness the power within for fulfilment and success in your acting career. Know that as an actor you can get what you want for your career dreams. Get Step by Step Inspirational Guidance to take control of your career. Learn the specific steps you need to master to successfully map out your route to acting career success.

We help you discover your exact career mission if you don't already know it. We guide on our success path discovery. 

 We are proud to have amongst our clients some elite figures in the UK Entertainment Industry. 

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Method Acting Online Training

Intensive Laser-Focused Method Acting Technique training. Learn to dive to the core of any character and make your performances memorable. Students must be able to discern what helps them achieve their desired goals for their performances. Creating a 'real' world from one's imagination based on life experiences that will aid one in constructing a fictional life is an art. Method Actors create organically from natural processes and resources are taken from day to day life experience using the aid of imagination to create truthful characters and compelling performances 

Our job is to help our students to develop all the elements of the psychophysical approach. We focus on the physical embodiment of a role through expression, speech, voice body and movement and applying the process to rehearsal and performance. 

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Audition Coaching Online

Let us help you prepare for your audition to maximise your success potential. In this session, we will look at your technique, delivery and state of mind. We will evaluate your performance and look at maximising your strengths as well as leveraging your weaknesses turning them to assets. 

Many Actors don’t feel confident in their acting ability even when they are brilliant.

With our system,​ we are guiding our Professional Actors clients in learning how to gain more and more confidence in spite of rejection and in transforming every stumbling block into a stepping stone.

So they can march on in the direction of Career success and fulfilment.

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Join us in our In-Person Course in February or May 2020

The Short

Intensive Method Acting within a Short Film Production Environment. Add this course to your showreel by the end of the course you will have a short film under your belt and a festival tour in the works. An Intensive Method Acting Course that you can add to your Showreel

 Enrol in 'The Short' get Intensive Method Acting Training and short film acting experience. 2 in 1.

 Master Method Acting while being a part of the cast in a commercially driven for theatrical release short film. 

Be Empowered to Create your Acting Work

Premium Course for Professional Actors. Advanced Acting Students and Very Serious Aspiring Actors Limited Places Available. Intensive Method Acting Mastery Course.

Short film Acting Work Experience. Real Acting Material for your Showreel.The Empowerment, tools and the experience needed to create your acting work. Deep Insider's view of how the industry works. A Short Film with your name on it. Your Film Industry Network Grows.


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